Neato Accessories

The idea that robots can perform household chores as intelligently as humans was born at Stanford’s annual Entrepreneur’s Challenge. Today, Neato robot vacuums clean homes with smarter technology, more powerful suction that get the job done the way you would, or even better!

Neato Botvac Battery Pack For Botvac Series Vacuums

Keep your Neato Botvac running at peak performance with Neato Botvac battery pack. The Neato Botvac battery pack is a rechargeable NiMH battery that will ...

Neato XV 21 Battery Replacement For Neato Robotic Cleaner

Keep your Neato XV-21 running at peak performance with new Neato XV 21 battery. Replacement battery for Neato XV 21 has voltage 7.2 and usually one year ...

Neato Battery Replacement For Neato XV Series Cleaner

Keep your Neato XV Series robotic vacuum running at peak performance with new Neato battery. Neato’s robotic vacuum cleaners are great. But when their ...

Neato Filters Replacement For XV Series And Botvac

Keep your Neato robotic vacuum in top shape with replacement Neato filters. Filters should be switched out once every 1-3 months, depending upon usage. Filters ...

Neato XV Battery Replacement For Neato XV Signature Pro

Neato XV Battery XV-11 is compatible with all Neato XV series robotic vacuums including Neato XV Signature Pro. This is brand new replacement battery. It works ...

Neato XV 11 Battery Pack Plus Neato XV 11 Filter 4 Pack

In this combo you get 2 Neato XV 11 battery replacements that suit XV-11 Series of Neato robotic vacuum cleaners. Batteries should be replaced every 1-2 years, ...