Best Robot Mop

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the popularity of robot vacuums it is that most people hate cleaning their homes and apartments. But now that one can do away with the need for vacuuming, what solutions exist for those who hate mopping?

Luckily, many of the same brands that provide tech-lovers with robot vacuums have started to roll out some really great robot mop devices.

In an effort to help you find the best robot mop to suit your needs, we have matched up the four best offerings on the market right now. Let’s check them out.

Top 4 Best Robot Mops

Now that you got the basic overview of the best robotic mops right now, let’s dive right into the more detailed robot mop reviews!

iLife V8s – Best Value

We have reviewed iLife’s A8 robot vacuum model already, and true to form iLife has another solid product in the V8s.

The iLife V8s is a mop-vacuum hybrid, and it does a satisfactory job of both. The machine can be used for vacuuming a carpeted room, OR vacuuming and mopping hardwood or tile.

The design of the robot isn’t anything revolutionary, but it isn’t unappealing either. Similar to other iLife robots it has a sleek design and doesn’t look out of place tucked in its docking station in the corner of a room.

It uses I-move 2.0 technology to map the room it operates in, traversing any surface with ease thanks to iLife’s RoadRover technology.

With the V8s’ four cleaning modes it will take care of most any specific cleaning need, and with the large dustbin and auto-docking/recharging, the user won’t have to intervene in order for the robot to fully clean a room.

When it comes to mopping, all it requires is the user to switch out the dustbin for the water tray and set it off once again.

The V8s does a decent to a good job of both vacuuming and mopping. It works particularly well on hard, flat surfaces, and especially at picking up pet hair. Overall, users can rely on the machine to replace the need to vacuum or mop quite so often, and after all, isn’t that what one is looking for when buying a robot vacuum or mop?

As with all iLife machines, it is gentle on furniture, and its low profile allows it to maneuver underneath most furniture effortlessly, without getting stuck.

Additionally, the iLife V8s comes with a remote control and the ability to set a schedule. This makes the iLife V8s one of the more hands-off options on the market, though it would definitely benefit from voice control or a smartphone app.

Our Input

The ability for one robot to accomplish the tasks of both a robot vacuum and robot mop is nice, but it comes with certain drawbacks.

This robot does not come with a true invisible wall feature, though it will not enter a room if it started with the room directly behind the unit (useful for stopping the machine from accidentally mopping a carpeted room).

The iLife V8s does not work well in rooms or homes that have many rugs or carpeted areas, though it works especially well in large open rooms with hardwood or tile floors.

Additionally, the robot lacks a smartphone app or voice control, two features that would have been nice, but are not necessary.

iLife has aimed to provide value to those looking for robot cleaning devices, and the V8s does that spectacularly. At this price point, one would be hard-pressed to find a device that does as good a job as the V8s at mopping and vacuuming floors.

Overall, this vacuum-mop hybrid machine is well suited for the customer looking for one machine to satisfy most of their cleaning needs, but it will require a little user intervention to use properly.

Those looking for a robotic mop specifically would do best to continue reading.

The Pros

  • Best looking machine in this guide
  • Mop/Vacuum hybrid
  • Satisfactory cleaning on most surfaces
  • Relatively hands-off
  • Best value

The Cons

  • No invisible wall function
  • No smartphone app or voice control

iRobot Braava 380t – Alternative to iLife V8s

About the iRobot Braava 380t

iRobot is one of the best known, and most reliable, brands in the robot vacuum market, and they have firmly established themselves in the robot mop category as well.

The iRobot Braava 380t is our first solely mopping robot, and if that is all you’re looking for, it makes for a great alternative to a hybrid like the iLife.

The design of the Braava 380t is interesting and completely different from the traditionally circular robots. It doesn’t make for a particularly beautiful display appliance but seeing this little square-shaped robot mopping your floor does elicit a certain joyful feeling to tech-heads and tech-lovers.

When it comes to performance, the Braava 380t is surprisingly efficient. It has both a sweeping and a mopping function, and it does both quite well.

And the iRobot Braava 380t is a really simple robot to use, you simply point the NorthStar Navigation Cube towards the ceiling, connect it to the Braava, and click the sweep button on the machine. When that is done, you clean up the swept-up debris, swap out the cloth/pad, fill the robot’s reservoir with water and click the mop button.

An added bonus is that multiple Navigation Cubes can be linked to the robot, allowing it to clean multiple rooms.

The robot is compatible with the included, reusable microfiber cloths, as well as other branded cloths, such as Swiffer’s wet or dry pads.

The Braava is also extremely quiet when it is in operation, a bonus to those who want to click the mop/sweep button and move onto other tasks.

Our Input

The Braava 380t is a great little robot for those that want to keep their floors relatively clean without having to sweep and mop daily. It is the first true mopping robot on this list, and if used together with a robot vacuum this is a completely viable option to those that want their home or apartment surfaces cleaned daily.

Of course, as is the case with every robot on this list, it will not perform a deep clean or scrub out deep-set stains. However, the Braava 380t doesn’t aim to do too much, it just does what it does well.

It is so easy to set up and use, and it really excels in larger hardwood or tiled floored homes and apartments. If you’re just looking for a robot mop (not a hybrid mop/vacuum), the Braava 380t is affordable, quiet, easy to use, and compatible with other brands of pads, making it a very viable option.

The Pros

  • Sweep and mop function
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with other brands of cloths/pads (Swiffer)
  • Very quiet
  • Good cleaning performance
  • Useful for large spaces

The Cons

  • No vacuum function means debris must be scooped up
  • No invisible wall feature
  • No scheduling feature

iRobot Braava Jet 240 – Best Budget Option

About the iRobot Braava jet 240

It is often the case that potential buyers of robot vacuums or mops can get turned off by the price, or the complication of using and setting up the devices. The Braava Jet 240 is perhaps the perfect entry device for those hesitant to purchase a robot cleaning device.

The iRobot Braava jet 240 is by far the cheapest robot on this list, perhaps due to the simplicity of the device.

The Braava jet 240 is not the mopping device to clean your whole home in one operation.

But, if you just want a device you fill with water, strap on a reusable or replacement cleaning pad and let it mop one small room, then the Braava Jet 240 is ideal.

The Braava jet 240 is the smallest robot we will review. It doesn’t even rest on a charging pad! The battery is removable and plugs into an outlet charger. This means its rather plain design isn’t that off-putting, you can store it out of sight and never have to look at it other than when it is running.

That being said, the Braava is pretty smart for its size and price. It can detect which kind of pad is attached, and can operate in three modes: dry, damp, and wet. In each mode, it performs a more than satisfactory job, and may even qualify as the best true ‘mopping’ robot on this list.

Additional features include smartphone app support, which while rather rudimentary, provides a decent amount of info and functionality given the simplicity of the robot.

The Braava also has an invisible wall feature which works similarly to the iLife V8s, by placing the robot with its rear towards the area you wish to be ‘off-limits’ and holding down the clean button for five seconds.

It is worth keeping in mind that the Braava Jet 240 is meant for smaller spaces, advertised as intended to work within a 250 square foot room. This makes it not-ideal for larger spaces and homes. The Braava jet 240 is also extremely portable and quiet, which is perfect for quick mopping operations in single smaller rooms.

Our Input

The Braava jet 240 is the cheapest robot on this list for a reason, it doesn’t have much functionality beyond being a robot that mops one small room at a time.

However, it does just that quite well.

The Braava jet 240 is by no means the device for someone looking to click a button and have their whole home cleaned for them. However, if you just hate mopping/swiffering, and want a cool, relatively affordable device to perform the task for you, then the Braava jet 240 is a really attractive option.

The smartphone app is a nice bonus, but really not necessary. Overall, this robot is best as a simple alternative solution to mopping a dirty room. It will do a great job of mopping up most stains and messes and will leave you feeling more comfortable going barefoot around the house.

If you’re looking for something a little more hands-off and a lot more ‘cool robot’, than you’d do best to continue reading to the final robot on this list.

The Pros

  • Great cleaning performance
  • Easy to transport and store (does not need to be displayed)
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable

The Cons

  • Very small working area
  • Dry mode requires picking up debris

Ecovacs Deebot R95 – Best Features

About the Ecovacs Deebot R95

The Ecovacs Deebot R95 is basically a tech-lover’s dream when it comes to robot cleaners. We’re not going to claim that it is perfect, because it isn’t. But when it works, this machine does everything you want, and more!

Furthermore, the Ecovacs Deebot R95 is more expensive than the other robots on this list, but it also does so much more than all the other options.

While the robot isn’t exactly ugly, the iLife V8s still has it topped when it comes to looks. The Deebot R95 comes with a bunch of accessories, such as its mop attachment, docking station, a cup to fill the small water tank, and extra brushes and cloths… But it isn’t the accessories that make the Ecovacs Deebot R95 special.

The Ecovacs app can connect to your device and serves as the hub for interacting with the robot. You can also enable Amazon Alexa support through the app, which allows for you to start and stop the device by speaking the commands.

However, the real value of the Ecovacs app comes from the mapping function. The robot scans the home or apartment, and then creates a virtual map, allowing the user to create instructions for the robot on their phone.

If, for example, you wanted the device to avoid a certain room or area of your home, you could simply draw a line across (or a box around) the area you did not want the robot to enter. When the robot sets off to clean it will follow the instructions you gave it. It’s that simple. It can also focus on individual areas or rooms through the app.

The mapping ability has many other uses, and really allows the user to individualize their robots cleaning path.

When it comes to performance, the Ecovacs Deebot R95 is good at some things, and less good at others. It can traverse most surfaces effortlessly, and it does a good enough job with its vacuum function. However, the mopping function leaves a little to be desired.

The battery life is shorter than most other robot vacuums, though the machine auto-charges, so if the 90 minutes is not enough it will pause to charge then resume where it left off. The dustbin is also smaller than iLife’s V8s, meaning the user may have to empty it mid-clean in larger homes or apartments.

Another useful piece of info is that the Deebot R95 runs relatively loud compared to the other machines in this guide.

The Ecovacs Deebot R95 is nice because it vacuums and mops in one function, but the mopping is less of a deep clean, and more of a dampening of your floor. The mop works by the user filling a small reservoir with water (and cleaning solution if you choose) and attaching the fiber cloth to the rear underside of the machine. The cloth then drags on your floor as the machine vacuums.

The Deebot R95 also has a scheduling feature, which allows for complete autonomous cleaning when used in combination with user-inputted mapping guidelines (given that the small water tank is filled).

When it comes to deep-set stains or sticky floors, the R95 will not sufficiently wet and clean the floor, but for daily upkeep, it does its job pretty well.

Our Input

The Ecovacs Deebot R95 has all the features you would want from a robotic vacuum/mop. The app allows for complete control of the robot and makes it a viable machine for any home or apartment situation.

The mopping performance of the Deebot R95 is not as good as the other machines listed above, however, the machines app and functionality make up for it.

The Deebot R95 comes with a variety of features that make it quite easy to use and relatively hands-off with regards to keeping your home’s floors clean.

It is more expensive than all the other options, but none of the other options have the Ecovacs app.

If this robot’s mopping function was a little bit better, it would be an essential home device.

There is additional cause for concern as the Ecovacs Deebot R95 has received mixed reviews online, many of which cite difficulties with the app working properly.

At this price point, it might make more sense to spend a comparable amount of money on both a Roomba, and a Braava device. However, if you want just one machine for your small to mid-size home/apartment that you can rely upon to mop without soaking your carpets, and to vacuum, then the Ecovacs Deebot R95 is the best offering for you.

The Pros

  • Best navigation system
  • Smartphone app and Alexa support
  • Very little user preperation/interaction needed

The Cons

  • Mixed reviews (App doesn’t always work)
  • Loudest operation in this guide
  • Expensive
  • Not a ‘true’ robot mop
  • Largest robot in this guide


To pick a conclusive winner of “Best Robot Mop” is quite difficult. We have compiled a list that provides four of the best options on the market and explains what user each robot is best suited to.

That being said… we will provide a quick summary of which robot is best for you.

If you are looking for a robot that will keep your floors relatively clean, the iLife V8s is the best value robot mop on the market. Its design is quite appealing, its features are satisfactory, and although its performance is somewhat average, at this price point it is nearly impossible to find a satisfactory hybrid robot that can do as much as the iLife V8s can.

If you already have a robot vacuum, or you are only looking for a robot mop specifically, we looked at two of the best offerings on the market: the Braava 380t and the Braava Jet 240.

Both devices benefit from being really easy to use, and both robots do a good to great job of cleaning. Essentially the 380t is the better option for those that want their robot to mop multiple rooms in one operation, and the Braava jet 240 is best for the user that doesn’t mind recharging/refilling and cleaning one room at a time.

If you are looking for a hybrid robot mop/vacuum that you can have complete control over then the Ecovacs Deebot R95 is without a doubt the best option for you. The Ecovacs app gives users complete control over when the machine is cleaning, where it is cleaning, and what type of cleaning it is performing.

There are certain drawbacks to the device, such as an average mopping performance, loud operation, and bulky size, but if you want one device to do it all the Deebot R95 provides functionality that well exceeds all the other robots listed, although that comes at a hefty price.

While we think these machines are all great in some respects, we are really hoping that the next generation of robot mops brings out a clear-cut winner. Either way, the future is bright, and with any of the four robots reviewed your floors will be brighter!