Neato Botvac Battery Pack For Botvac Series And Botvac D Series

Keep your Neato Botvac running at peak performance with Neato Botvac battery pack. The Neato Botvac battery pack is a rechargeable NiMH battery that will maximize cleaning and coverage.

It is compatible with Neato Botvac Series and Neato Botvac D Series robot vacuums.


Neato Botvac Battery Pack Features

Battery Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Size: Proprietary Battery Size

Battery Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Battery Capacity: 3600 mAh

Output Voltage: 12 V DC

Compatibility: Neato Botvac Series Robot Vacuums: D, 70e, 75, 80, 85

How to Replace the Li-Ion Battery on your Neato Botvac Series Robot

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How to replace the battery in a Neato BotVac

Wonder how you replace your battery in your BotVac? Getting crappy run time and messages about turning the dust bin switch off and on? This video is for you!


Neato Botvac Battery Replacement and Optimization

STEP 1 – Install the New Battery

  • Locate the two screws securing the battery door on the underside of your Neato robot and remove using a hand-held Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Press the clip with your finger to release and remove the old battery.
  • Replace with the new battery and plug the battery connector in firmly until you feel it click into place, making sure that it is aligned properly and the connector shapes match up.
  • Make sure that the battery is facing the proper direction, allowing the battery door to close properly.
  • Place the battery door back on the Neato, secure with the screws and turn the robot back over.

STEP 2 – Reset the Newly Installed Battery  

  • Press the CLEAN HOUSE button to power on.
  • On the Neato LCD screen, select MENU.
  • Navigate to SUPPORT and press SELECT.
  • Scroll down to the NEW BATTERY prompt and press SELECT.
  • Thank You will appear on the LCD screen.
  • Press the BACK button twice to return to the home screen.

STEP 3 – Condition the Newly Installed Battery

To get the best performance from your robot and battery, it is essential to “condition” the battery by running three full cleaning cycles.

This means fully charging and fully depleting the battery three times in succession.

Note: If you do not condition your battery, your robotic vacuum cleaner will not perform at full capacity.


How to “condition” Neato Botvac battery?

Cycle 1: Charge your Neato on the charging base for at least 3-5 hours.

Press the CLEAN HOUSE Button and continuously run the robot until the LCD screen shows “Low battery.”

NOTE: you may need to press the CLEAN HOUSE button multiple times until you see the “Low Battery” message on your LCD screen.

Do NOT let the robot recharge before you see the “Low Battery” message.

Cycle 2: Charge the robot fully again. Press the CLEAN HOUSE button and run continuously until the LCD screen shows “Low battery.”

Cycle 3: Charge the robot fully again (3rd time).

Press the CLEAN HOUSE button and run continuously until the LCD screen shows “Low battery.” Your robot battery is now conditioned and optimized for maximum runtime.

You can now charge and run your Neato normally.

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Last update was on: 12/02/2020 17:04

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