Neato XV 21 Battery Replacement For Neato Robotic Cleaner

Keep your Neato XV-21 running at peak performance with new Neato XV 21 battery.

Replacement battery for Neato XV 21 has voltage 7.2 and usually one year warranty depending where you purchase.


Neato XV 21 Battery

Neato XV-21 battery replacement will bring back life into your Neato XV series robotic vacuum.

Batteries are well worth the money and can store more power than original ones that come with the Neato.

Original batteries claim: 3200mh
New batteries claim: 3800mh


Neato XV 21 Battery Replacement

This replacement batteries for Neato XV 21 are also compatible with Neato XV-11, XV-12, XV-14, 945-004, XV-15, XV-25, 945-0048, XV Signature, XV Signature Pro.