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Neato XV-14 Automatic Robotic All Floor Vacuum

Neato XV-14 Automatic Robotic all floor Vacuum will satisfied all your vacuuming needs. It is very simple to use. It can clean floor, carpets, rugs, hardwood, tiles and more. If you need robotic vacuum for hard floor surfaces only, then you should probably check out Mint Plus 5200C.

Majority of people loathe when they need to clean house. Vacuuming is recommended at least once every two weeks. Like any other robotic vacuum Neato XV-14 cleans automatically. The room positioning system sees the layout of every room. That makes possible neato-xv-15-pet-series-all-floor-robotic-vacuumavoiding bumping into walls, furniture and any other obstacles.

The Neato XV-14 is basically an XV-11 that comes with extra accessories. Accessories include 3 extra filters and brush blades plus one extra replacement squeegee. It also comes in a dark blue color that looks like an Nintendo game console rather than a modern robot.

This thing can go places I never thought a robot would find its way into. It has an almost intuitive problem solving solution to rough terrain, where it will back into an object and raise the back of the device over it…. – Buyer

The mentioned Room Positioning System is technology that makes Neato as smart as a human housekeeper (At least that is what seller tells us). It sees 360 degrees, maps out your room, and then methodically vacuums every square inch, carefully avoiding any furniture, obstacles and stairs. It can also adapt if you rearrange the furniture.

The downside to this technology is that the laser only detects objects within its line of sight. It can get stuck under furniture if the sensor doesn’t see an overhanging object (the side of the bed is just above the line of sight of the sensor).

Video showing Neato XV-14 Automatic Robotic All Floor Vacuum

High-performance vacuum inside Neato XV-14 vacuum cleaner works in a precise back-and-forth motion, picking up even tiny specks, and easily sliding under sofas, tables and beds.

Once it’s finished in one room, it will begin working in the next or return automatically to its base for recharging. After charged it will resume cleaning where it left off. You can even schedule cleaning with a few simple button presses. Your house will always be ready for guests.

After around 6 months,the battery capacity decreased to half. It took 40 min to vacuum my first floor. – Buyer

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Neato XV-14 Cleaning Pattern

neato xv-14 cleaning pattern

Neato XV-14 Robotic All Floor Vacuum Features:

  • One-Button Operation  To begin or start cleaning one push of the button is enough. The NEATO XV-14  is very user-friendly. To begin vacuuming the floors all you need to do is press ‘clean’ and the device will embark on its cleaning journey. 
  • Status Light – It is ready to clean when green light is on. If the light is amber color, then it probably needs additional charging
  • Dirt Bin – Dirt bin is very easy to empty and clean.
  • Control Center – You can program Neato XV-14 when to start cleaning. There is no limitations when setting up vacuum schedule. It will clean daily, weekly or as often as you want.
  • Charging Base – In order to be always fully charged it is recommended to leave it in charging base
  • Boundary Markers –  With boundary markers you control where XV-14 should vacuum. Cleaning only those areas you want it to clean. If you have lots of cables beneath your desk or a room you just don’t want the Neato to clean, just put out the boundary markers, press start and the Neato will clean everywhere but those areas you designated as off-limits.
  • Rectangular front design – Allows vacuuming close to walls and into corners.
  • A Neato robot is only 4” high – Because it’s fairly lowit can vacuum under beds, couches and other places regular vacuums can’t go.
  • Vacuums in straight lines
  • Cleans carefully around obstacles
  • Automatic doorway recognition – Assures that it completely cleans one room before moving on to the next.


Most Asked Questions Regarding Neato XV-14

 Video Review of Neato XV-14 Vacuum

What do you get with Neato XV-14 Robotic All Floor Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Neato XV-14 vacuum robot  neato-pet-series-robotic-vacuum
  2. Charging base
  3. Power supply
  4. Boundary makers
  5. 4 Filters
  6. 6 Replacement Blades
  7. 1 Replacement Squeegee
  8. User Guide
  9. Warranty: 1 year Model: XV-14 (depends on place purchased)

What Buyers are saying about Neato XV-14

  • I purchased one of these for my 700 square feet apt, have a dog and a cat, and I can proudly say the Neato does its job well.
  • This little machine can get around well. It’s not perfect, but when you think of all the possible obstacles a machine like this might encounter, it’s a wonder the thing can get the job done at all.
  • This is my third Neato, but this model is very quirky compared to others and the suction not as good.
  • I bought this unit and a little over 6 months later the batteries died and would not hold a charge.
  • Finally, I found the only solution to clean up my wife’s cat hair. I don’t need to deal with this issue any more and I am so happy with my purchase. My house is very clean now especially when I schedule the cleaning when I am not home everyday.
  • I have allergies, and this XV14 Neato vacuum cleaner does a great job of cleaning not only under my furniture but all through the house.
  • This is possibly the best product i have ever owned.

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thumbs_upNeato XV-14 Robotic All Floor Vacuum Advantages

  • Cleans more efficiently than other robot vacuums using random algorithms
  • Suction plus squeegee brushroll picks up pet hair efficiently well on carpet
  • Laser sensor detects obstacles and avoids them
  • Displays the actual error on-screen so this takes away guess-work if something goes wrong
  • Firmware can be upgraded
  • Batteries can be replaced which is great in case it fails, you’ll have that option to replace it


Neato XV-14 Robotic All Floor Vacuum Disadvantages

  • May struggle with heavier debris
  • May also have some difficulty picking up light debris like paper on hard floors
  • It is loud measuring around 80 decibel
  • Doesn’t have a remote
  • Buyers reported battery energy would decrease over time