iLife V3S Review

We live in a wondrous era — smartphones, artificial intelligence, electric cars, and yet, most of us are still using the same kind of vacuums our grandparents have. Sure, they may look better, they may spend less electricity, but at the core, they’re the same. Why don’t we simply step into the future of cleaning and check out what robotic vacuums like iLife V3S have to offer?

Using the services of a maid isn’t exactly a good way to spend your money. However, using your free time to clean around the house isn’t exactly a good way to spend your time. Well, the best way around these two problems is to get a robot vacuum. However, Roombas iRobots and Neato Botvacs aren’t what we’d call affordable. That’s why we turned to the budget models. We looked for something that cleans well, offers a few additional features, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And that’s how we found iLife V3S.

The Basics

iLife V3S is a robot vacuum with a tiny body, bunch of safety features, and a powerful 2600 mAh battery that allows it to work for about 100 minutes between charges and keep your home spotless. It can function independently on any type of surface, it has 4 automatic modes, and it comes with a remote.

The remote allows you to schedule cleaning, guide the vacuum to a spot you want it to clean, or send it back to the charging station.

We like that it has a HEPA filter and an AirAway technology that ensures that dirt and pet hair will be sucked in efficiently and with little to no clogging.

With powerful suction and simple controls, this little guy is an amazing device.

The Design

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that looks modern and unlike a house appliance, this device will be your cup of tea. V3S is white with black and gray trim, which makes it perfect for any interior style.

A design choice we really like is its size — at 3 inches of height and 11.8 inches of width, V3S is among the smallest robot vacuums out there. As a result, you won’t even notice it going about its business most of the time. Furthermore, it will also go under the bed frames, dressers, and sofas easily. That means that you won’t have to worry about dust bunnies pilling up under your furniture if you get this little guy.

iLife V3S Features

* 14 smart sensors that help prevent V3S from dropping down the stairs and hitting obstacles * Climbing feature that allows multi-floor cleaning and overcoming obstacles up to 15mm. * 100 minutes runtime * 4 operation modes * Mopping * Pet hair care technology

* 1-year complete protection warranty

iLife V3S Performance

The V3S looks lovely when it comes out of the box, but unfortunately, it’s not all about the looks. We have to check out how this vacuum performs when you throw a mess in front of it, and how it handles different surfaces.


It navigates wonderfully across bare floors. V3S isn’t super-fast, but it is rather thorough. It works well on tiles, marble, and wooden floors. So you won’t have to worry about those at all with iLife.
Moreover, you can set it to clean in Edge mode, so it will pick up all the dirt and dust that may be piled up along the walls.


Although it doesn’t have many brushes like high-end models, it does have enough suction power to tackle dust and grime from carpets. It has the ability to climb up small inclinations, so it will smoothly move from floors onto carpets.

The only problem this guy has is cleaning thick, shaggy carpets. On those surfaces, it will pick up larger debris, like crushed cookies or pet hair, but it won’t pick up all the fine dust perfectly.
However, the manufacturer is well aware of this, as iLife does claim that this device is great for hard floors and low pile carpets.

Pet Hair

If there ever was a robot vacuum that’s absolutely perfect for cat and dog hair, this is it. It has a pet hair technology that enables it to remove pet hairs from all types of surfaces easily. It also helps you to keep allergens out of your home by cleaning hard-to-reach places. As a result, there won’t be any pet dander, dust, or other allergens under your furniture or in the corners of rooms.

The Mop Feature

Most robot vacuums do only one job — they vacuum. However, V3S also mops. It comes with a snap-on mopping attachment that you can secure to the bottom of the vacuum. However, since V3S doesn’t carry any cleaning liquid, its mopping abilities are severely limited.

We sprinkled some mud onto its path, and it did clean it, just not as thoroughly as you might want. It works more like a Swiffer than like a mop. As a result, it won’t replace your mopping skills around the house. However, if you want it to pick up those super small dust particles or a drop of water or two, this feature will do wonderfully.

What Do the Users Have to Say?

In our tests, this iLife model has worked wonderfully well. However, what matters a lot more is what people who have owned it for a while have to say. So we checked it out and were pleasantly surprised. With 4.3 on Amazon and 859 positive reviews, this robo-vacuum is a hit.

People who like it, love that it’s silent, that it has a scheduling feature, and that it really keeps the floors perfectly clean.

On the other hand, those who disliked it claimed that it needs emptying all too frequently, that it can’t climb doorsteps between rooms, and that it can get stuck on cables.

However, these flaws come with most robot vacuums, so that isn’t just the problem of this model. It’s simply something designers have yet to learn to overcome.

Why Getting iLife V3S Is a Good Idea

This wonderfully elegant white robot vacuum has many upsides. It cleans really well on hardwood, tile, and short pile carpets. Moreover, it’s really easy to use, it allows you to make your cleaning schedule, and it is almost perfectly quiet. The battery is a lot more durable than the manufacturer claims, which is a huge plus in our book. And lastly, this robot vacuum has a feature that really sets it apart from other similar devices. It doesn’t only vacuum, it also mops. So that’s two arduous tasks off of your to-do list.

Why Getting iLife V3S Is a Bad Idea

Although V3S is an amazing little vacuum, it still has a few kinks that we didn’t like. One out of ten times, it will get lost on its way to the charging station, which can be a bit annoying.

Furthermore, most robot vacuums emit a sound when they’re stuck. Well, this model won’t complain and ask for help every time it’s in trouble. Instead, it will spin its wheels in futile attempts to break free. Although these two flaws seem huge, they really aren’t. Here are some other things that might make you look for a different robot vacuum — its dust bin fills up quickly, and it doesn’t have a primary rolling brush, which means it can’t really handle large messes.

The Verdict Is In — A Budget Vacuum That Delivers

If you want a bit of help around the house and you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a top-of-the-line robot vacuum, V3S is what you need. It isn’t perfect, with its small dustbin and limited abilities, but it does its basic job — it cleans dust and debris from the floors. So if you’re not looking for a vacuum that does everything perfectly, this little guy is a great choice.