Rowenta Air Force 360 Review

Vacuuming your home is a chore, of course, a chore not many people enjoy, but everyone ought to do. But with the adequate tool, it can become much easier, which is where the Rowenta Air Force 360 comes in.

Rowenta Air Force 360 in Brief

The Air Force 360 is a bagless, cordless vacuum cleaner. The good people over at Rowenta designed it to work on all surfaces using different brushes and other extensions. It’s lightweight, elegant and easy to use.


Rowenta is a German manufacturer with more than a century of experience. They were acquired by the French group SEB in 1988, and have remained a property of this group for three decades now.
Their business revolves around household technology. Some of their products include electric irons, women and men’s care products, and, of course, vacuum cleaners.

Rowenta Air Force 360 In Depth


The Air Force 360 is a small vacuum cleaner. Small enough, in fact, for you to mount it on your wall without worrying that it will fall under its own weight. More on that later.

In terms of capacity, the Air Force 360 can handle up to 0.6 liters of debris. That might not sound like much, but for a cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner it’s more than enough.


The Air Force 360 is battery-powered, and its battery is a wall station where you will mount it once you’re done the vacuuming. Normal runtime for this cleaner is roughly 20 minutes, whereas it recharges for about three hours, at most.

But don’t be discouraged by those 20 minutes. The Air Force 360 comes with a 21.9V battery. In other words, when it comes to sheer power, it outperforms other similar products on the market right now.


“Beautiful” or “attractive” aren’t necessarily the words we use for vacuum cleaner description. But it’s hard to deny that Rowenta does good work when it comes to designing their machines.

The basic color of the Air Force 360 is white with some dark blue. Of course, you can find them in other colors as well, depending on the retailer carrying them.

More importantly, the shape of the Air Force 360 is interesting. Keeping up with other, earlier products, this vacuum cleaner has the shape and the handle of a power drill. This makes it easier to maneuver and carry around with you while you’re vacuuming up the many different areas of your house.

The brush it comes with is a basic, so-called “slim brush.” Unlike the earlier Air Force product, which came with a triangular brush, this one likes to keep it simple and a bit traditional. Of course, there’s more to the Air Force 360 than the single brush.

The Accessories

The Rowenta cordless vacuum cleaners always come with a variety of different brushes. For example, the Air Force 360 will come with a motorized brush cleaner, a mini brush, a nozzle and a brush for furniture and carpets. Each of these can be assembled and disassembled easily.

Of course, in some areas, you won’t even need a brush. Simply remove the brush and the pipe and you’ll be able to just use the base of the Air Force 360 to do some vacuuming.

The LED Light

Yes, it does sound strange to point out an LED light as a feature of a vacuum cleaner. However, that’s what makes it ingenious.

When you vacuum places that are hard to reach , the LED light nozzle will allow you to see what you’re doing. No more bending and kneeling for you!

The Benefits of Owning a Rowenta Air Force 360

1.     It’s Lightweight

Normally, when people buy vacuum cleaners, they aim for something big enough to collect lots of debris, but small enough to be carried or dragged between rooms. Naturally, many corded traditional vacuum cleaners work perfectly well for their size. But Rowenta wanted to avoid this hurdle.

Vacuuming with Air Force 360 will feel like carrying a cloud. It’s true that it can’t handle more than 0.6 liters of debris, but you won’t feel tired after using it throughout the day.

More importantly, there’s the way it’s charged. The choice to have a wall-mounted charger station was deliberate. Not only will it charge the vacuum cleaner, but it will also allow the user to see it in the open, all the time, and take it out easily if necessary.

Speaking of…

2.     Accessibility

If there ever was a key element of a cordless vacuum cleaner such as this, it’s that you can go anywhere with it. Literally anywhere.

Take, for example, the LED light. Maybe you have that area behind the bed that you can’t clean up properly because of how dark it is? Congratulations, now you can do it.

Or what about stairs and corners? Sure, having a narrow nozzle helps, but you still have to drag the big, corded vacuum cleaner towards it. But with the Air Force 360, you can approach the corners even closer – simply adjust the nozzle without the pipe and you’re good to go.

And then there’s the bagless part. Nothing says “annoying” like replacing vacuum bags or even cleaning permanent ones. No such problems occur with Air Force 360; all you need to do is empty it once you’re done.

Let’s also not forget how easy it is to assemble and disassemble. Any vacuum cleaner that you can take apart and put back together in mere minutes is a blessing. Naturally, all of those parts are easy to clean and maintain.

3.     Performance

Users that bought the Rowenta Air Force 360 all say the same thing – this fella can pick up anything.

Due to how many brushes it comes with, this vacuum cleaner will pick up dust, dirt, hair, and even large debris. The suction is also maintained throughout vacuuming. You won’t have to press and hold a button to vacuum like you’d have to with other brands.

Potential Flaws of the Rowenta Air Force 360

While this model does have advantages when compared to its competition, it isn’t exactly perfect.

First, there’s the matter of brushes. Not every model will come with all accessories advertised. Furthermore, they lack a rotating brush and a parquet brush; this means they won’t be particularly useful on hardwood floors or if there’s too much hair.

Next, there’s the size, or rather the issues that come with it. While the vacuum is awesome to carry around, it just doesn’t have the capacity other, corded vacuums have. You might end up emptying it far more often than you’d like.

The battery is another potential issue. Twenty minutes of runtime is okay, but the charge time of 3 hours is dreadful if you’re planning on vacuuming the whole house. If you were to vacuum each room those twenty minutes, a six-room house or apartment would literally take up your entire day; it just isn’t time-efficient.

Finally, there’s the noise. The Air Force 360 produces 85 dB of sound, which isn’t too pleasant. Most vacuums out there in the same price and quality range are not as loud.

Rowenta Air Force 360 – the Final Verdict

Despite its issues, the Rowenta Air Force 360 is a nifty little device. It’s small and light enough to carry around without issues, yet powerful enough to tackle any dirt. On top of that, it looks nice, runs well and assembles quickly.

If you’re seeking out a bargain-price cordless vacuum cleaner, you might be interested in the Air Force 360. Give it a go and enjoy vacuuming for the first time ever.