New technology comes and goes, but with each generation of products, some things remain the same. For example, most modern robot vacuum cleaners have spiral brushes and one side brush. What makes the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 different is that it has two side brushes, yet no main brush.

What, No Main Brush? How Is This Possible?

The ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 relies on its ability to not suffer from tangled pet hair. It does so by only having two side brushes and a strong suction port. All of the hairs will go directly into the dustbin.

But it does far more than just pick up pet hair. In fact, it can vacuum up pollendustdirt, and even liquids exceptionally well.

Deeper Into the DEEBOT N78

The Design

One look at the DEEBOT N78 is usually all it takes to attract potential users. It’s jet blackcircular and smooth, while also being small enough to fit the tightest spaces under furniture.

On the top side, you can see the startup button. One push of this button will set the N78 loose on your carpets and hardwood floors. The topside is also the access point to the filter and the dustbin.

The bottom section contains two side brushes that rotate directly over the suction port. On each side of this port is a retractable wheel which allows the N78 to pass over any surface with ease. Lastly, there’s the microfiber cloth section, which you will learn more about a little later.

The front side of the N78 contains sensors which allow it to avoid collision with walls. It also comes with collision bumpers for a smoother, non-damage inducing run. Directly beneath these is one more sensor; this one prevents the N78 from falling over a ledge or the stairs.

The Accessories

You can’t talk about the N78 without mentioning two very important side-features it has.

The first of the two is the remote control. With the help of this tool, you’ll be able to schedule cleaningsturn the robot on remotely, and even control it if you feel like it.

On this remote, there are buttons for three modes – automatic cleaning, edge cleaning, and spot-cleaning. It also has directional keys for manual mode.

Of course, the second feature makes the N78 stand out even more when compared to other robot vacuums – the microfiber cloth. Aside from vacuuming, the N78 will also mop any hardwood floor. Simply attach the cloth to the underside, fill up the special reservoir with water or a liquid of your own preference and let the vacuum bot do its thing.

Each package of the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 comes with two of these cloths. If you’re the type of person who mops regularly, you ought to replace these as often as possible. Of course, you can hand-wash these cloths after use.

Naturally, all great robot vacs come with a charging station. Once the power of your N78 gets low, it will scurry onward to the station and charge itself for four or five hours, ready to do more work.

Cleaning Modes of the DEEBOT N78

Normally, robot vacuum cleaners come with two modes, but the people over at ECOVACS went a step further. This model comes with one more mode extra.

First, there’s the standard House mode. A click on this option allows the N78 to clean your house thoroughly and without interruption.

Next, there’s the spot-cleaning mode. Like most vacuums, it will focus on one spot for roughly five minutes until it moves on to the next.

Finally, there’s the interesting Edge mode. Your DEEBOT N78 will move about the house and clean the edges of walls. Thanks to two side brushes, this will not be a problem, and it will be done fast.

The Benefits of Owning an ECOVACS DEEBOT N78

1.     No Tangles

Making a robot vacuum cleaner with no brushes is a risk in today’s market. Yet, ECOVACS did it anyway, and robots such as N78 are proof of how effective it really is.

Pet owners that used the N78 reported nothing but positive responses. Not only did the hair go away, but they were able to clean up the little bot far more easily.

Having only side brushes is also good for maintenance. If all you have to do is empty the dustbin and wash it up, it’s a no-brainer whether you want to buy the N78 or not.

2.     Speed

The N78 is fast. In fact, it can run at a speed of 0.26 m per second, enough for it to clean up your floors and fill up its dustbin. Speed means efficiency, and an efficient cleaner is one you might want to own.

3.     Motion & Maneuverability

With its small stature and large speed, the DEEBOT N78 can move around everywhere. The wheels allow it to hop onto sturdier surfaces, whereas the height lets it smoothly go under tables, sofas, armchairs, etc.

4.     Affordability

Unlike its competition, the DEEBOT N78 is surprisingly inexpensive. Most retailers sell it for under $200, making it a bargain worth accepting. Maintenance of the bot is also relatively cheaper than others.

Potential Flaws of the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78

1.     Charging Issues

There’s a reason the subheading above is in the plural. Users noted several frequent issues that all have to do with charging.

First, there’s the charge time. Most vacuums become ready to run again after only a couple of hours of charging. However, it takes the N78 almost five hours to do this; in comparison, the average cleaning time of this bot is roughly two hours, at best.

Next, there’s the charging itself. The charging station will do its job, of course, but the vacuum will just stay there after it’s done. In other words, it won’t resume cleaning where it left off, which isn’t that good.

Finally, there are the batteries. One battery of an N78 model is a 3000 mAh nickel-metal hydride product. Most vacuums on the market use lithium-ion batteries that last longer and have more power.

2.     Performance on Thick Carpeting

While this model will work on every surface, it just doesn’t vacuum the carpets as well as it does hardwood. It can pick up hair and larger debris, but smaller debris and powder can cause it trouble.

3.     Snagging Small Objects

The N78 works wonders when it comes to larger debris. Unfortunately, it also works wonders with loose cables and objects on the floor you might need.

Reports from users show that the N78 often gets tangled in cables on the floor, getting itself stuck. The best thing to do is to remove the cables from the floor, but there are plenty of vacuums out there that can go over cables with no problems.

4.     Mopping Large Areas

The water reservoir of the N78 is rather small. As such, any mopping of larger areas can give users headaches, considering it empties out really fast.

Of course, you can avoid this by simply mopping small sections of individual rooms at a time. However, it’s extra work that you don’t need to do, so if you’re not up to it, a different vacuum robot might be your option.

Summing Up the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78

Risks come with every innovation. Naturally, choosing to make a robot vacuum with no main brush, but with the ability to mop the floors is as risky as it gets.

Still, the ECOVACS DEEBOT N78 passed with flying colors. You won’t go wrong with choosing this little fella to keep your floors clean.