Dyson DC44 Review

Few people who know a thing or two about vacuum cleaners haven’t heard of Dyson. The revolutionary technology behind the company has put this brand on the map since Day 1. Of the many, many high-quality products out there, Dyson DC44 is merely the latest one.

To be precise, the full name of this product is Dyson DC44 Animal. That last portion isn’t in the name for nothing. The DC44 is truly a beast, and if you read on, you’ll learn why.

The Look of Dyson DC44

Naturally, if you have a good product, you’ll want to base the next one on it, but improve on it when and where you can. That’s why the DC44 looks strikingly similar to its predecessor, the Dyson DC35.

Both models look like a power drill. DC44’s startup button is at the “trigger” section of the whole construction. Its battery is on the underside of the handle.

The front is where it’s at, however. Sticking up front is the nozzle where you’ll attach many different extensions for different types of cleaning. Slightly above the nozzle is Dyson’s cyclone tech, its signature “ace in the hole” that separates Dyson from other manufacturers.

Below the cyclone tech is a transparent dust bin. It opens at the bottom by pressing the red release button. You can clearly see how much you’ve vacuumed up thanks to this section.

Right behind the cyclone tech is the motor, which runs the whole vacuum cleaner. Don’t go anywhere, because we will be discussing the motor when we reach the benefits of the product.

The Accessories

Dyson DC44 comes with several different brushes. There’s the crevice tool for narrow areas, both the full-sized and the miniature brush head, and the combination brush. Shopping at certain retailers can get you as much as seven additional parts for the DC44.

Naturally, like every cordless, bagless vacuum cleaner, the Dyson DC44 comes with a wall-mountable charging station. You can proudly display your latest Dyson, but also access it whenever you need to do a bit of tidying up.

Accessibility and Performance

When talking about DC44, it’s important to address two important issues. Both of those are listed in the heading, so let’s just get into them.

First off, there’s the accessibility. Dyson already has the positive reputation of having powerful, high-quality vacuum cleaners. Part of that reputation is owed to how easy they are to assemble and disassemble.

The main nozzle, for example, works very well in and of itself. However, what makes it better is that you can add or remove different brushes without any friction or snagging issues.

Now let’s focus on performance. And we would be remiss if we didn’t bring up the motor again. Or rather, the power this motor has.

The Motor

Dyson’s strength is in the RPMs of its tech. In that regard, the DC44 is an absolute monster; the motor spins at 104.000 RPM! Yes, you’ve read that correctly – a hundred and four thousand rotations per minute!

But it isn’t JUST the rotations. DC44 has two modes, regular and max. Within regular mode, it can run for 20 minutes; 8 minutes is the limit for max.

So you have an incredibly powerful, incredibly fast vacuum cleaner. On top of that, it’s cordless and doesn’t use bags. And on top of even that is the fact that it’s a Dyson, and the name speaks for itself.

The Runtime

As stated, when you use regular mode, the DC44 will drain the battery after roughly 20 minutes. Charging its nickel manganese cobalt battery lasts five and a half hours. After that, the DC44 will run again.

The Cleanup

The transparent container is both a benefit and a flaw of the DC44 (more on that later). Cleaning it up doesn’t take a lot of practice, as it is a simple procedure.

You’ve spotted the red button at the bottom of the cleaner. Pressing on it will pop-open the container and the debris will drop. In case of hair or larger debris, you might have to pull it out by hand.

The Benefits of Dyson DC44

1.     Performance

Not too many wireless vacuum cleaners can brag about BOTH runtime and suction power. Dyson will effortlessly pull up dirt, dust, hair, lint and really anything that’s piling up on your floor. And thanks to its technology, none of the debris can get into the motor, as the cyclones will prevent it from doing so.

People tested it, and the results are in – they love it. The DC44 managed to pick up every type of debris or dirt and did it all without fail. It just goes to show you why some brands maintain their place at the top.

A detail of note: even when the DC44 is at full capacity, it will still run at full power. That’s how good it can be.

2.    Design and Durability

The DC44 is, when you look at it, rather attractive. It’s nothing revolutionary design-wise, but it’s an effective, practical look. Everything you need is right there, and it looks compact and powerful.

And speaking of design, this cleaner is rather durable. The hard plastic keeps everything in place, and you couldn’t really break it unless you picked up a hammer and actually tried to. This same durability is there with the battery, which is why it requires more than five hours of charging.

3.     Practicality

Several parts of this model make it rather practical when compared to other cleaners. For example, there’s a long plastic suction tube. You can use it to pick up dirt from hard-to-reach places under furniture.

Then there’s the transparent container. Usually, vacuum cleaners either hide away the container or make it out of dark, single-color material. With DC44 you can openly see when your cleaner is full.

Finally, there’s the light weight of the product. The DC44 weighs just a little over 5 pounds. As such, it’s easy to take with you anywhere during the actual vacuuming.

Potential Flaws of the Dyson DC44

Yes, Dyson is a brand worthy of its name. However, not even Dyson can make a flawless vacuum cleaner.

First, there are the charging issues. Five and a half hours is just a very long time to charge a battery. There are plenty of vacuum cleaners with similar features that cost less and charge for a shorter amount of time.

But charging issues don’t end there. The DC44 looks nice, but its charging station doesn’t. It’s aesthetically dull and doesn’t really “match” the model it’s meant to charge.

Next, we have the impracticality of its accessories. To be precise, there is no way to keep the extra brushes in one place. Other vacuum cleaners have hooks and slots for nozzles on the charging station; sadly, DC44 doesn’t.

Finally, there’s the complaint most people had when it comes to DC44. Dyson advertised it like it was “as good as corded vacuum cleaners.” It just isn’t powerful enough to handle an entire house in one sitting, like corded cleaners are.

Of course, there are other, minor flaws such as cleaning or emptying the container. None of these are really as noteworthy as those listed above, however.

The Final Few Words About Dyson DC44

Once again, we have to stress that Dyson didn’t earn its reputation for nothing. Dyson DC44 is a proper animal among the cordless, bagless cleaners. With its powerful cyclone tech, you will clean your house in no time flat, and barely break a sweat doing so.

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