Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
iRobot Dirt Dog 110 Workshop Robotic Vacuum Review

iRobot Dirt Dog 110 Workshop is designed to handle only hard floors, shop carpets or industrial floor surfaces.It’s been designed to sweep under ...

LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Review – PROS and CONS

LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum is a great investment for many people who live a busy lifestyle and vacuuming is the last thing they want to do in their free ...

LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum Review – PROS and CONS

LG HomBot 3.0 robotic vacuum (LrV790R) is a new innovation in home vacuuming from LG.It saves homeowners effort, hassle and housework. Be sure to check ...

P3 P4960 V-Bot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Review – Small But Powerful?

The P3 P4960 V-Bot robotic vacuum cleaner is a good pick if you are looking for a cheap robotic cleaner.It is lightweight, and it will move on its own by ...

iRobot Roomba 585 Robotic Vacuum Pet Series

iRobot Roomba 585 Robotic Vacuum is a iRobot veteran. It has becomed old and newer models had taken its place. But ... is still effective Roomba 585?Irobot ...

Editor choice
Mint Plus 5200C Floor Sweeper Automatic Model

Keeping your floors clean is easier with Mint Plus 5200C Floor Sweeper. At least that is what sales page says.But lets see is it really a great robotic ...

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