Best Robotic Window Cleaners

We are living in such a world that physical labor has become very low. Machine can do everything. Because everyone is busy and nobody has time to do the basic stuffs like cleaning and mopping.

Thanks to the technology which has made life so much easy that, you can take proper rest in weekend after a really busy and hectic week days.

Apart from cleaning, sweeping and mopping of the floor which everyone forget to do is cleaning the windows.You will find so much dust resting in the glass and windows.

It’s really a problem when you have big windows to clean, specially when it is for outside window cleaning, which is dangerous and hard-to-reach.

With robot window cleaner, it is not a problem anymore to cleaning your outside windows for high-rise.

The vacuum cleaners and the vacuum mop can not do the cleaning of windows. Do not worry the robotic window cleaners are evolved to make your life more easy and tension free. Now you can take proper rest in weekends without thinking of cleaning your whole house.

These robotic window cleaners are super easy and simple to use. You can operate it without any problem.

So we are here to help you buying the best robotic window cleaner of your need. We will provide a detail guide and review of each product. Which will give you an idea on deciding the best glass cleaner for you.

So without wasting much time lets start the review part. Lets buy a cool and worthy product for your house this week.

Best Robotic Window Cleaners

A robot window cleaner mainly uses two magnetic modules as it navigates window and sprays onto the microfiber pads to wash them. The robot window cleaner moves through the window surface and clean it.

Some robotic window cleaners can also be connected to the smartphone by the dedicated App. You can also control the robot through the remote.

Below we are reviewing some the best robotic window cleaners.

#1. Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Robot

Alfawise S60 is a robotic window cleaner. It also can be used on other material than glass. This makes the window dust free within no time. This robot can solve some of your problems and give you some time to take rest. The important features are


  • Built in AI technology.
  • Embedded UPS system.
  • Anti dropping algorithm.
  • Zig zag automatic cleaning routes.
  • Powerful suction system.
  • It can be controlled through App and remote.


This robot window cleaner can detect the frames and obstacles with the help of built in AI technology. It gives more efficiency in cleaning by calculating and programming the optimal cleaning path. By this you can avoid taking risks to climb ladders to clean outside.

The intelligent algorithm protects it from falling in case of power failure. It helps the robot to stay on the glass for 30 minutes. As robot windows works with wire. It also has professional safety ropes with 150kg. It provides the third safety guarantee.

It has much powerful suction. With the help of which the robot get firmly attached with the glass surface. More the suction power means more the working sound. But it cleans the window more precisely.

This robot window cleaner will not climb the window frame. Alfawise S60 robot window cleaner works horizontally unlike most of the robotic window cleaner which work vertically.

You can control the Alfawise S60 through mobile App and remote controller by seating anywhere in your room.

You can select any three routes from automatic from top to bottom, automatic from left to bottom, automatic from right to bottom. It also has 3min/square meter fast cleaning speed.

When the robot will finish the cleaning job , it will stay at the bottom of the mode in a ringing mode.Pros

  • Good for frame less mirrors.
  • Smart AI powered design.
  • Can be controlled through remote and official App.
  • Can be used horizontally.


  • Little slow
  • Power cord is not long.

#2. Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner


  • Smart AI powered design with intuitive cleaning technology.
  • Safety rope attachment.
  • Remote and App access and can be controlled through remote and App.
  • Use suction technology to attach to the windows.


The Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner is one of the best automatic window cleaner in the market.

It has intuitive cleaning technology. It has smart AI powered design which helps the robot in cleaning the window easily and quickly.

The Gladwell Gecko is also able to detect the window edges and scrub each and every part of the window efficiently. It can also wash those areas where your hand is not able to reach.

You can also control this smart robot window cleaner by seating anywhere through the official Gecko App. You can operate the robot through the App and clean the windows easily and efficiently. You can control the robot using the remote.

This robot window cleaner also comes with a safety rope attachment feature, that means the robot comes with extra protection.

If you think climbing ladder to clean your window is risky, then don’t worry with the help of Gecko window cleaner you can clean your window by seating from your couch. The safety rope attachment can help here.

The Gecko window cleaner is able to attach to the window with the help of suction technology.

The microfiber pads are washable. They scrub the window thoroughly giving a deep and sparkling clean window.

The Gecko window cleaner also comes with 1 year unlimited warranty which gives you extra relief.Pros

  • Provides deep and sparkling clean
  • Smart AI powered design.
  • Can be controlled through remote and official App.
  • Affordable


  • Falls while cleaning the edge of the frame less windows

#3. HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot


  • Ultrasonic water spray nozzle.
  • Smart AI powered technology.
  • Brush less DC motor.
  • Replaceable water tank.
  • Long powered cord.
  • Embedded UPS system.
  • 3 kinds of automatic operation modes.
  • Anti falling control algorithm.
  • Can be controlled through Bluetooth and App.


The bio-mimicry technology ultrasonic water spray converts the water into 15mm dense mist. Which dissolves dust and clean the window without leaving a watermark.

The design of the window cleaner is reliable. The pneumatic pads are auto adjustable. This pads control the driving force and keeps the force between caterpillar threads which helps in cleaning the cloth in proportion.

The HOBOT 298 can clean extreme dirty glasses and makes the window slippery and shinning.

The power cord provided with the HOBOT 298 is 4 meters long. That means it can work on a large area. It can even work even if the power plug is far from the window.

It has embedded UPS which keeps it working with alerting sound for 20 mins.

You can control the Hobot 298 with your smartphone. The official Hobot App works just like a remote control. It also send the notification when the cleaning task is completed.

The water tank present in the Hobot glass cleaner is replaceable. If your ultrasonic spray nozzle is blocked and you want to change it then you can replace the entire water tank with a screw.Pros

  • Removable water tank with nozzle spray.
  • Smart AI powered design.
  • Can be controlled through remote and official App.
  • Work good for hard to reach areas in window


  • Little expensive.

#4. HOBOT-268 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT 268 is another model from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It is able to wash large surface like window and glass. It is one of the fastest robotic window cleaner.

It is the advanced model of HOBOT 188. The motor of HOBOT 268 is same as HOBOT 188, only two additional cleaning wheels are added in the former.

The additional cleaning wheels increase the moving speed to 4.7 inch per second. Some key features of HOBOT 268 are


  • It has AI Technology S1.0.
  • It stops automatically after the cleaning.
  • It cleans the window better by the 3 kinds of automatic cleaning modes.
  • It has anti falling control algorithm.
  • Embedded UPS system which provide uninterrupted cleaning.
  • High-strength safety rope and buckle.
  • It can be controlled through remote.


The HOBOT 268 is using the new generation microfiber cloths and a double passage for each glass which improves the cleaning qualty.

You can clean the edges and corners of the windows very efficiently.

With the help of laser sensors it can detect edges of the window which is going to be cleaned. The Hobot 268 can easily clean the window and also the frame less mirrors and doors.

It is one of the fastest window cleaners in the market which cleans at a rate of 1 square meter per 2.4 sec. Thanks to the additional cleaning wheels.

The HOBOT 268 has a very powerful motor which gently places the robot on the window or any surface and removes the dirt and dust from the surface with the help of microfiber cloth.

It is being provided with 4 meter long power cord which allows you to clean large area and also when the power outlet area is far from the window.

It also has embedded UPS system which helps the robot staying in position with alerting sound for 20 mins.

The pressure is always steady in HOBOT 268 even during a small leak because of the powerful centrifugal pump. This helps the robot in cleaning variety of surfaces like window film, mirror, rough glass, mosaic glass and tiles.

The pneumatic pads present in the HOBOT 268 are automatically adjustable. It is capable of cleaning the dirtiest glass surface effectively.

Two types of cleaning clothes are being provided with the HOBOT 268. The blue one for dry cleaning, and yellow one for wet cleaning and polishing.Pros

  • One of the fastest automatic glass cleaner.
  • Smart AI Technology S1.0.
  • Can be controlled through remote.
  • Work good for hard to reach areas in window.
  • Good for frame less mirrors.
  • Can be used to was windows, mirror and even tiled walls
  • Good for large surface area.


  • Little pricey.
  • Does not work horizontally

#5. FENGRUI R-C901 Smart Window Cleaner

FENGRUI R-C901 is one of the best robotic window cleaner under budget. It is very much affordable and value for me who do not want to spend much on a window cleaner.


  • It has a powerful suction of 5600pa.
  • It cleans in 3 directions.
  • It provides 4m long power cord.
  • Provides free return service within 30 days.


FENGRUI R-C901 window cleaner sticks to the surface like Gecko window cleaner while working and it will handle the cleaning work efficiently. You do not need to stare it all the time. You can do your work, listen to music or can take rest and allow the robot to do the work.

It is compatible with all types of glass, can work on multiple smooth and hard surfaces, flat wall, table, floor, ceiling etc. But always connect it to the safety rope.

The robotic window cleaner has powerful suction of 5600pa which can produce high noise. In order to reduce the noise the performance of the window cleaner has been upgraded. Which helps in reducing the noise pollution.

The cleaning pads being provided with the robotic window cleaner is able to clean stains, water stains etc.

You can control the window cleaner through the infra red remote controller. It can automatically clean in 3 directions.

It can intelligently detect the boundary of the window. It is able to clean the curves without any confusion.

The power cord is 4m long which allows the FENGRUI R-C901 window cleaner to reach larger areas even when the power outlet is far from the window.

The R-C901 is very much affordable. You can give it to your dear ones as a gift. The R-C901 has made both cleaning windows and other household works easy.

After sales service of R-C901 is also good. It has 30 days return policy. You can return the product within 30 days after buying the robot.Pros

  • Affordable
  • Can be controlled through remote.
  • Free return service within 30 days.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Can be used to was windows, mirror and even tiled walls
  • Good for large surface area.


  • No embedded UPS
  • Can not be controlled through App.

#6. Mamibot W120 Robotic Window Cleaner

This Mamibot W120 robotic window cleaner not only cleans the windows but also cleans the framed, frame less glasses, tables, smooth floors and wall surfaces easily. It is a very affordable window cleaner with advanced technology.


  • Advanced AI technology
  • Built in 650mAh battery for emergency.
  • It can be controlled through Apps and remote controller.
  • Less noise level.
  • It has anti falling sensor, strong safety rope is also provided.


It is very easy to clean the windows with the Mamibot W120 robot. You don’t need to move on heavy furniture or climbing the ladders to clean the outside, which are tall and hard to reach. Very less manpower is required to clean the windows with the Mamibot W120 robotic window cleaner.

It provides intelligent cleaning routes. Anti falling sensor and strong safety rope, which protects the robot from falling.

A powerful battery with 650mAh is also being provided for emergency. The Applications are available for IOS and android system. You can also control the robot through the remote controller.

It has powerful suction which helps the robot to be firmly held on the vertical glass surface . The noise level is also very low i.e <65DB.

You don’t have to wait for the cleaning work to be done to put the robot window cleaner in its place. The robot will automatically come to its starting point after finishing the cleaning work.

It is very safe the Mamibot robotic window cleaner. Thanks to the safety rock and Lace-lock screw, which guarantee multi level safety.

It is able to clean the glass faster than your expectation. It works fast with high efficiency. It is capable of cleaning a glass of 2x1m in 5 minutes.

The Mamibot is providing two types of cleaning clothes. The yellow cloth and a blue cloth.

The yellow cloth is for dry cleaning. You have to use it before spraying water. This cloth will sweep out heavy dust from the glass.

The blue cloth is for wet cleaning. You can use it after spraying water, when there will will be no heavy dust on the glass.

The design of the Mamibot W120 is also very slim, thickness is just 8.5cm. It is comparatively lighter and flexible which makes it a better choice than others.Pros

  • Affordable
  • Can be controlled through official App and remote controller
  • Advance AI technology
  • Powerful suction.
  • Can be used to was windows, mirror and even tiled walls, smooth floors.
  • Good for large surface area.
  • Fast cleaning facility.
  • Anti falling sensor.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Less noise level


  • None

How To Choose A Best Robotic Window Cleaner

There are a good number of robotic window cleaners available in the market having different features and specifications. It is really a headache to choose one of the best robotic window cleaner according to your need.

In this guide we have tried to put a detailed guide on choosing the best robotic window cleaner according to your need.


Most window cleaning robots don’t have good battery life. It is only for emergency. it doe not last long. The backup time is just 15-30 mins. If you want a good battery life then you have to invest more.


Having a chance to control the robot seating anywhere in the house is a great advantage. You have to look for a window cleaning robot which is providing the remote controller.

A remote control allows you to move the robot around the window.


If your robot window cleaner has long power cord then it enables the robot to reach large spaces and you can also clean the window when the power station is far from the window.

It is important to ensure the cord is long enough to cover all your cleaning needs. Most of the window cleaners come with at least 15ft of cable length.


You have to consider the glass surface of the windows while buying the robotic window cleaner. Because the uneven glass surface may influence the suction power of the window cleaner. So while buying the window cleaner you should check the  product information.

You also need to check the thickness of the thickness of the glass while buying the robot, some robots may not work for your window.


There are a lot of features available. So you must check the features of the robot that which features you need before buying. So you must check things like the navigation system, the cleaning process, the safety features while buying.


The most important thing is budget. You should keep in mind the budget you want to spend for the robot. Most people want an affordable robotic window cleaner for their home.


If you have framed windows you will need to do some extra work. You must look for a robot which is good at cleaning both the framed and frame less windows.


Some window cleaners with advanced technology and suction power are able to do ample amount of cleaning work in short period of time. While some window cleaner still need human help to move from one place to another.

A fast automatic window cleaning robot will guarantee that cleaning is done quickly and efficiently.


The latest models of robotic window washers have some applications enabled. Through these App you can control and monitor the cleaning process.

It would be useful for a user who needs to clean a large number of windows or window space.


Finally, if you are looking for a robotic window cleaner to make your cleaning work easier, then go through this guide. It will surely help you in buying the best robotic window cleaner for you.

If you are a business owner and have building consisting a large number of windows, a robotic window washer can save you significant amounts that you would be paying a professional window cleaner. Robotic window cleaners are also safe than humans, because they can get into dangerous and hard to reach areas without much difficulties.

You can save a good amount of time by using a robotic window cleaner to wash your windows.

Whether you need a window cleaner for personal use or professional need, You would be saving quite a good amount of time from cleaning work and can invest those amount in something more productive. You can also relax and take rest for sometime.

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