Mint 4200 Robotic Hard Floor Cleaner

The Mint 4200 Robotic Hard Floor Cleaner does not have suction or a motorized brush. It relies on a damp or dry microfiber towel to pick up dirt, pet hair and dust. Since this doesn’t have any suction, you can’t use this on carpet. It’s purely a hard floor surfaces only like tile or linoleum.

Since it doesn’t have a vacuum motor, the run time will be impressive at around 3 hours. Run time is long enough to clean a 800 square foot home in dry mode and 250 square foot in wet mop mode.

For navigation, it uses the so-called “NorthStar Navigation System” that works like an indoor GPS to navigate the robot.


Specification: Mint 4200 Robotic Hard Floor Cleaner

Battery Indicator

Boundary Markers



Charge Time (hours)

Charging Base

Cliff Sensor


Dirt Sensor

Full Bin Indicator

Hardwood, Tile & Linoleum

Height Adjustment

HEPA Filter

Infrared Sensor

Multi-Room Navigation

Operating Pattern

Operating Time (hours)

Remote Control

Return to Charging Base

Scheduled Cleaning



Spot Mode

Virtual Walls