Neato HEPA Filter Pet And Allergy Replacement For Neato XV Series

Neato HEPA filter pet and allergy replacement is intended to fit Neato XV-11, XV-12, XV-15, XV-21 robotic vacuum cleaners.

This HEPA filter is essential for allergy sufferers. Neato Hepa filter reduces infiltration of dust, pollen, and other allergens from entering the air you breathe.

Tutorial: How to install Neato Vacuum upgrade HEPA filter Pet and Allergy


Neato HEPA Filter

Replacement filters are usually not the same quality as original but are good value for the price.

Be careful when purchasing Neato HEPA replacement filters and always check other customers reviews.

Many buyers complain that replacement filters don’t “click” into place like the originals. So when removing the dirt bin from the Neato, the filter often falls off.

Also sometimes they seem a tiny bit too thick, so the dirt bin doesn’t always go completely in place, and you can get the “please replace dirt bin” error.

Pet and Allery Neato HEPA filters are easy to clean. It is recommended to change filters every 3 to 6 months.

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