Mint Plus Charging Cradle Compatible With Mint Plus 5200 Series

Mint Plus charging cradle charges Mint plus 5200 in two hours. This is turbo charge cradle version. Just put Mint plus 5200 on the cradle to charge.

AC Adapter is included. Provides convenient storage space and leaves Mint Plus ready to clean at all times.

Compatible only with Mint Plus 5200 series. Not compatible with Mint 4200 series.

Mint Plus Charging Cradle

The Cradle works great with Mint 5200. The groove at the rear end of the Mint cleaner (where the handle is) easily sits down onto the rectangular stub on the dock.

There are no clips, so you simply lift Mint up off the Cradle when you are ready to clean, and sit the Mint back down when finished.

It is a bit hard to see which way Mint should be facing when you put it in the Cradle for the first time.

But if you are leaving the Cradle in the same position then you can remember if the wheels need to be pointing to you or away from you. The most important thing to know is that the Cradle is unsafe if it gets

The most important thing to know is that the Cradle is unsafe if it gets wet. After Mint cleans make sure you remove the water reservoir and wipe down any water before putting Mint back on to charge.

The power plug for the Cradle is a rectangular one (rather than round) so it does take a big more space on the power sockets.

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