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LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Review – PROS & CONS

LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum is a great investment for many people who live a busy lifestyle and vacuuming is the last thing they want to do in their free time. When they see the LG name, most people probably think of home electronic devices like television, DVD and BluRay players.

I doubt robotic vacuum comes to anybody mind. One of their best robot vacuums is the HomBot 1.0. In this LG HomBot 1.0 review, we will be looking at the value this vacuum can provide for the price.


LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum

This robotic vacuum has an endless amount of features that make it a great option for your home. LG HomBot 1.0 vacuum, like many other, can be scheduled to clean your home when you want, whether you’re home or not.

It uses a camera mapping system which is used to calculate surround spaces to tell it which paths to take to clean your floors.

LG HomBot 1 accessory kit

Hom-Bot can visualize and remember your floor using its camera so that it knows exactly where to clean. HomBot maps the area around your home as it cleans, calculating the surrounding area 50 times each second to detect the optimal cleaning paths.

LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum uses three different cleaning programs. You can pick which one you want to use or feel it is best for your space. HomBot robotic vacuum from LG will clean in “zig-zag” mode to follow the most efficient cleaning path.

lg hombot 1.0 cleaning pattern

For large areas with many obstacles, HomBot automatically splits the space “cell by cell” to help avoid missing a spot. It can do so thanks to manual spiral mode, five ultrasonic sensors, 2 IR sensors and a gyroscopic sensor.

All those fancy things should help keep Hom-Bot on the course and minimize collisions with household items. Lg HomBot should be quiet when cleaning thanks to design innovations like insulation that’s meant to absorb vibrations and reduce noise.

It creates low noise so you can carry on your daily activities without interference. Noise is mostly around 50dB.


LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Review

This robotic vacuum has an endless amount of features that make it a great option for your home. LG HomBot 1.0 vacuum, like many other, can be scheduled to clean your home when you want, whether you’re home or not.


How Well Does LG HomBot 1.0 Clean?

Dirt can’t hide from HomBot 1.0. The LG HomBot can handle a variety of cleaning tasks. It has a powerful main brush for dirt throughout the home and side brushes for edges and corners.

Main brush loosens and sweeps dirt and dust throughout the home, and the side brushes sweep corners and edges. Main brush is in charge for picking up heavier dirt and dust.

The LG HomBot runs quieter than a Roomba, but it is also less powerful. The HomBot is slower and less able to get past obstacles such as rugs or mats on the floor. Buyer

The fan picks up more debris and expands clean air while it also features an efficient air path for hygiene and less noise. LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum is just 3.5 inches tall, its slim enough to fit under most furniture with ease.
How Well Does LG HomBot 1.0 Clean

You can also easily schedule cleaning (2, 6, 12-hour timer) so your home is spotless when you return home. You control when you want Hom-Bot to clean, whether you’re going to be home or not.

Just set the schedule and Voice Alert announcements will let you know when the cleaning is done. It even features auto-recharging and will resume cleaning where it left off.

The Hom-Bot will automatically return to its dock when it needs recharging and resume cleaning where it left off after the battery is charged. So you have even less to worry about.

Sensors around the side of the vacuum prevent the vacuum from falling down stairs/tables or bumping into walls.

LG HomBot uses Anti-collision optical sensors, so it will not vacuum too far from the walls or have to collide into walls to turn. The Hom-bot automatically recognizes the location of the wall and turns.

Also includes stair recognition, edge cleaning, over carpets and under furniture.


LG HomBot 1.0 Advantages

1. It doesn’t lose it way – Because of the mapping out feature, the LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum will map out an area in your home and vacuum it completely using a back and forth motion until all parts of the area are clean before it even moves to a new area.

2. Good for pet owners – This robotic vacuum can easily remove the dog hair and cat hair within a pet owner’s home quickly and easily.

This includes long-haired breeds that have a significant amount of hair.

3. Diagnostic messages when something not right – If the LG HomBot 1.0 vacuum needs something done like it’s battery is low, or its dust bin is full, it will tell you directly what it needs to be done without requiring you to look in the manual first.

4. Scheduled cleaning – The LG HomBot 1.0 robotic vacuum allows you to pick a time for future cleaning, so you really have hands free cleaning.

5. Safe for all floor types – This robotic vacuum is perfect for hardwood and tiles floors. Most reviewers pointed out that it did a better job on their hard floors compared to carpet.

6. Dual brushes – Unlike other robotic vacuums, the LG HomBot 1.0 has one brush on each side of it. This allows to clean the baseboards as well as pick up small things from the floor quicker.


lg hombot charging

LG HomBot 1.0 Robotic Vacuum Disadvantages

  1. Small dirt holder – Dustbin needs to be often emptied
  2. It can often stuck – No matter what manufacturer say, this one can get stuck too
  3. Beeps often – Diagnostic messages bother some people

The HomBot does seem to have problems transitioning from different types of floors. It almost always gets stuck when going from carpeted areas to hardwood floors. Buyer

LG HomBot vs Roomba vs Dirt Dog

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LG HomBot 1.0 Review Conclusiom

If you are thinking about buying LG HomBot robotic vacuum cleaner 1.0, then our recommendation is to get a better robotic vacuum. HomBot 1.0 is not the best what robotic vacuums can offer, and I don’t think it is even sold anymore.

If LG HomBot 1.0 is not suited for you, then check LG HomBot version 3. If you really want robotic vacuum from LG, check out their newer models – LG Newer Robotic Vacuum Models.

6.8 Total Score

It is not very good robotic vacuum cleaner. Especially considering the price it is selling for. If you really want robotic vacuum from LG check out some newer models.

Cleaning Performance
Overall Quality
  • It doesn’t lose it way
  • Good for pet owners
  • Diagnostic messages when something not right
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Good for all floor types
  • Dual brushes
  • Small dirt holder
  • It can often stuck
  • Beeps often
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