ECOVACS DEBOT M80 Pro: Best Robot Vacuum And Mop

If you are looking for a smart robotic vacuum mop for your house to get all your mopping done then this ECOVACS DEBOT M80 Pro is one of the best robot mop having enough features which will suit your need.

If I ask you…. “Do you like to sweep and mop?”. The answer will be a big no. Cleaning and mopping is not a hobby and nobody wants to clean and mop in leisure time. So cleaning and mopping definitely can’t be a hobby of anybody…right.

So how to get things done when you have lot of other works to do and you are also tired to do this cleaning mopping and play with the dust after so many hectic schedules.

I think you should not worry about all these little things when technology have come so far. The machine power is taking control over the man power and the man is busy in creating machines to do all his works.

So its not the time to take a broom and sweep the house and then mop the house with the hand. Now the vacuum mop is available to do all the cleaning and mopping for you.

The technology has become so much advanced that you can clean and mop the house without moving from your place. Now here is robot vacuum mop for you which smart enough to do all the cleaning and moping without letting you know.

If you are not concerned about budget and a best robot mop for you then ECOVACS DEBOT M80 Pro is the one which will fit your need.

If you are running out of budget and need a basic robot vacuum mop not having so many features then you can go for ILIFE V5s Pro.

Spend some time in Best Robot Vacuum Mop, you definitely get other choice which may suits you.

The ECOVACS DEBOT M80 Pro is a WiFi enabled and Alexa compatible robot mop. You will get many features in this robot mop. Moreover it is a value for money robot mop.



The ECOVACS DEBOT M80 Pro has lot of features to offer the user like it safely navigates through the room and clean it perfectly. The anti-drop & anti-collision sensors protect the mop from falling and ensures the safety. ECOVACS Smart Motion navigation technology helps the mop in safely travelling through the room.

The Ecovas M80 pro has 3 cleaning modes which you can use to clean according to your need. The given modes are intense mode, spot mode and edge mode.

In intense mode the rotating speed and suction power get increased which accelerates the cleaning. In spot mode you can clearly focus the the spot area on the floor. It is helpful in cleaning high dust areas.

To clean the corners and edges of the house you can use edge mode.

The Debot M80 pro uses a 5 stage customize cleaning process to perfectly clean the house. It sweeps, lifts, vacuum, mop and dries in a single take.

The helix brush rolls present in the mop are detachable, so that you can adjust it according to your requirement.

The dust bin is very convenient in this ECOVACS M80 pro which is located on the top of the vacuum instead of back which prevents accidental spillage while emptying. You can also carry it using the handle and it is also water resistant. So it is easy to clean also.

The dustbin is quite large in size which is 500 ml. It makes you easy to clean for some more time without worrying about emptying.

The battery back up 110 minutes which is quite good. It will be able to clean whole house in one charge. It will also charge automatically by coming to the docking station when the battery will be low. The battery will get fully charged within 4.5 hours.

The M80 pro is also Alexa enabled. You can control it through various voice commands. You can also operate it through its mobile App and remote controller.

The M80 pro is just 3” which helps the mop to enter the hard to reach areas like under the the bed, sofa and furniture and clean the house perfectly.Pros

  • Good battery life
  • Multiple cleaning modes
  • Slim design
  • Detachable helix design brush rolls
  • Dual side brushes
  • Both vacuum and wet mopping technology
  • Large dust bin


  • Does not continue the work after charging
  • Does not have Lithium ion battery

ECOVACS M80 Pro Features

The M80 pro has a lot of amazing features which helps in cleaning your house within no time. Lets have a look of its amazing feature which makes it stand out of the crowd.


This M80 pro has ECOVACS smart motion navigation technology. With the help of this technology the M80 pro safely navigates through the room and cleans it perfectly.


The M80 pro is equipped with very comprehensive anti drop and anti collision sensor which helps the mop from falling. So it can roam around everywhere and clean it.


It has 5 tier cleaning system means it can sweep, lifts, vacuums, mops and dries in a single pass using the 5 tier cleaning system. It is an all in mop. It has an unique wet/dry mopping feature which cleans and dries the floor in one go.

You will be surprised at its dirt collecting capacity. It is less time taking as the mop attachments are very easy to clean and reusable.


The battery life of M80 pro is very good. It has 110 minutes of battery backup. That means you can clean a small to medium sized house at one charge.


This robotic mop is always prepared to clean. The average charging time of this robot mop is 4-5 hours. It can clean up to 110 minutes with a single charge. It automatically to returns to the charging station when the power is low.

That means it is always ready to clean when you need it.


It has a large dust box that is 500ml. It can hold more dust per cleaning. Large dust box means you don’t need to empty the dust bin more frequently.

The dustbin of M80 pro is located on the top of the vacuum instead of back. It prevents accidental spillage while emptying.

It also has a handle to carry it easily. It is also water resistant.


It has two types of brushes. The main brush and the side brush.

The brush rolls present are helix shaped. They can be detached from the mop. The lifts and separates the carpet fibers and and cleans it deeply. It also simultaneously removes hairs and other debris from the brushes.

The dual side brushes are nylon fiber side brushes. It capture and sucks all the small and large debris from the floor and also from corner and edges.


It is very thin in design which is just 3”. Because of which the mop is able to enter the hard to reach areas like under the the bed, sofa and furniture and clean the house perfectly.


The M80 pro is also WiFi and Alexa enabled. You can control it through various voice commands. You can also operate it through its mobile App and remote controller.

ECOVACS M80 Pro Cleaning Performance

The ECOVACS M80 pro has the capability of cleaning every type of floor, thin to medium carpets with its effective wet mopping technology.


It works perfect on all types of floors. From hardwood to tile it is capable of cleaning all the small and large debris from every nook and corner of the house.

The 3 specialized auto cleaning modes helps the robot to sweep, lift, vacuum, mop and dry the floor in a single pass.

The Helix brush rolls and the dual nylon fiber side brushes sucks all the small and large debris from multiple floor and every edge corner of the room.


This M80 pro is having both the vacuuming and mopping capacity. But the list is not ending here it is very much capable of cleaning thin to medium pile carpets easily.

The Helix brush roll are detachable. The Helix design helps the brushes to lift and separate the carpet fibers and deeply clean it. It also simultaneously cleans itself by cleaning hairs and other debris from the brush.


This M80 pro also allows you to choose between vacuum and mop whichever is required.

Not only it sweeps the dust, debris and dirt, but also it is mops the floor and makes it absolutely spot less. M80 pro is two in one robotic vacuum which gives you a deep clean surface.

Why Should You Choose ECOVACS M80 pro


You have the options to choose between 3 specialized cleaning modes.

For regular cleaning process use auto clean mode. You can use intense mode when you need more speed and suction power. For high concentration dirt and dust areas use spot mode and the edge mode is for cleaning edges and corners.


With this robotic vacuum you can do both vacuuming and mopping as well. That means you are getting two important features in one by spending less.

This is saving you to save extra bucks. It makes your house absolutely clean and spotless.


This is a great robotic mop under budget for you, if you are hesitating to afford a Roomba.

This ECOVACS M80 pro is the best option for as long as price is concerned with so much advanced features.

The plus point is its size which is just 3 inch. That means it can enter under the furniture like bed and sofa and makes it spotless without letting you know.

The features like WiFi, Alexa compatibility makes it a smart device which can be controlled from anywhere in the house.

So, go for it without thinking much, if you are little tight in budget. Because it has so much to offer you and it will never disappoint you.