Best Upright Vacuum Ultimate Guide

Vacuums are probably one of the most useful appliances of the modern age and have made carpet maintenance simple and feasible for the middle class.

Over the last 100 years, vacuums have changed dramatically, many don’t require vacuum bags and some have gone cordless. Heck, there are even tons of robotic vacuums to choose from now! Choosing the right vacuum for you can be tricky since the prices between models vary greatly.

In this guide, we’ll be covering different types of the best upright vacuums, comparing their similarities, and contrasting their differences to find which vacuum is the best to buy. Let’s start.

Hoover Vacuum UH72400

About the Vacuum

Hoover is one of the most famous companies to ever manufacture and sell vacuums. Hoover is an American company based in Ohio. To this day, they are still a major player in the floor care industry but many other brands have emerged challenging Hoover’s dominance over the market.

The Hoover UH72400 is bagless and lightweight, weighing less than 14 pounds making transportation around the home smooth and simple. The UH72400 is simply steered by turning the handle, easily reaching around and underneath chairs, tables, and other objects.

The price of the Hoover UH72400 varies depending on the seller, ranging from US$122.99 to US$179.99, be sure to do your due diligence when shopping for this model. The cord runs 30 feet in length. The UH72400 simultaneously utilizes 3 channels of suction to ensure the greatest cleaning potential.

Switching from carpet to hard floor is made easy with a touch of a button placed perfectly at the top of the waste canister. Utilizing Hoover’s AllergenBlock technology, this vacuum ensures that 97% of dander, dirt, dust, and pollen do not leave the vacuum.

The telescopic brush tool hose extends to a total of 14 feet allowing the user to reach places that many vacuums can’t.

Our Thoughts

The lightweight feature makes this vacuum very attractive since lugging a vacuum up a flight of stairs is never fun, especially if it is heavy. The 30-foot cord length is fairly standard for modern vacuums but having a longer cord would always be better.

The 14-foot hose is excellent for allowing the brush tool to reach farther than many other vacuums. Switching from carpet to hard floor can be a pain with some vacuums, having to bend over and adjust for the correct carpet height, this model makes it far easier with a simple push of a button.

The main drawback of this vacuum is its price discrepancy. Costing only US$122.99 is an excellent deal for this vacuum but having to pay over US$50 more could be a deal breaker.

  • Smooth Transitioning from Carpet to Hard Floor
  • 14 Foot Brush Tool Hose

Another famous household name is Bissell. Bissell is an American company based in Michigan and one of the largest manufacturers of vacuums and floor care products for North America.

The Bissell Cleanview 1831 utilizes cyclonic technology to create powerful suction while being lightweight and easy to transport around a home. With a 13.5-inch cleaning diameter, this vacuum covers steady ground while being able to maneuver into hard to reach areas.

The power cord is 25 feet long with a 6-foot hose for the brush tool. A washable filter is included to help mitigate the propagation of dust and allergens within the home. This model comes equipped with a spinning brush tool that makes cleaning stairs and tight spaces simple.

Furthermore, the Bissell Cleanview 1831 is outfitted with Bissell’s own OnePass technology that utilizes powerful suction and brushes that ensure a surface is cleaned on the first pass. The price of this model comes around US$89.99, a relatively inexpensive vacuum. The main brush has 5 adjustable heights for carpet length.

Our Thoughts

This vacuum is a fairly standard corded vacuum for the price it is asking for. Bissell may brand and brag about their suction technology, OnePass, but vacuums are expected to perform this function regardless. A 25-foot cord is to be expected and adequate for a vacuum of this price.

Having a filter that is washable and doesn’t need a replacement is a definite advantage for this model. All in all this vacuum doesn’t set itself apart from the competition nor does it fall short in any negative way. For the price, this vacuum would be an excellent start for someone on a budget.

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • Washable Filter

Shark is a relatively new manufacturer in household cleaning appliances. They were founded in Montreal Canada in 1998 and have since relocated their headquarters to Massachusetts. Shark specializes in making household vacuums and was one of the first to develop a cordless vacuum.

Now, we’ve got the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360. The Shark NV360 sets itself apart from the competition by having the ability to detach the suction canister off of the wheel apparatus and carry the vacuum around the house using the hand tool. However, this model is not cordless, the cord is about 30 feet long.

The NV360 uses a HEPA filter and confines 99% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum. The vacuum swivels making steering simple and getting to hard to reach areas easier. The hand tool is telescopic allowing the user to reach further, especially when the canister is detached from the wheel apparatus.

The cost of this vacuum can range from US$149.99 up to US$219.99, this is a very large difference so make sure to get the best price possible.

Our Thoughts

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV360 sets itself apart from the rest of its corded brethren through its ability to detach itself from the wheel apparatus. This ability makes cleaning high surfaces much easier than an attached vacuum, even if the hose was 14 feet long.

The wide difference in price depending on the retailer is a definite drawback. For US$149.99 this vacuum is a steal but paying US$219.99 for a corded vacuum simply isn’t worth it.

  • Wildly Varying Prices
  • Corded

Yet another famous household name, Black and Decker, joins the list of vacuum manufacturers. Black and Decker is one of the oldest manufacturers of household tools and appliances. Black and Decker is an American company based in Maryland since 1910.

The Black+Decker HCUA525JP is a cordless lightweight vacuum. This vacuum is not only cordless but also has a removable canister, allowing the user to carry the vacuum around their home freely without having to deal with power cords. The vacuum is outfitted with a 4-foot hose and extension wand, allowing the user to access hard to reach areas.

Black and Decker guarantee a 60 minute charge time and the display shows the remaining charge life for the HCUA525JP. The dust bin is outfitted with a compactor allowing the vacuum to clean longer without having to empty the waste bin as often.

The controls on top of the canister are touch activated. A prominent feature of this vacuum is the AUTOSENSE technology, this technology automatically adjusts the suction depending on the floor type being vacuumed. The vacuum notifies the user when the washable filter needs cleaning.

The Black+Decker HCUA525JP can cost anywhere from US$174.05 to US$229.99, a reasonably large difference in the price.

Our Thoughts

For the price of US$174.05, this vacuum is an absolute steal but the price of US$229.99 is more standard for a vacuum of this caliber. Being cordless and possessing a removable canister are the greatest advantages of the HCUA525JP. The touch-sensitive controls are a definite advantage since they won’t get stuck or degrade as quickly as standard buttons.

A vacuum that knows what floor type it’s working with is definitely underrated. One of the more annoying aspects of vacuums is adjusting the suction and height for the floor type. Adjustment dials tend to get stuck as well. With this vacuum, users won’t have to go through that hassle.

The dust compactor is a much-needed addition to bagless vacuums because we all dread the dust that comes with emptying the waste container. Along with minimizing the dust fallout, the compactor allows for more waste to be stored inside the vacuums, an excellent feature.

  • Detachable Canister
  • Cordless
  • Adjusts to Floor Type
  • Dust Compactor
  • 60 Minute Charge & Battery Display
  • Touch-Sensitive Controls

Next up we are finally covering a Dyson model. Dyson is an English company based in Wiltshire but Dyson will be moving its headquarters to Singapore in the near future. Dyson produces a multitude of household products and appliances including, bladeless fans, hair dryers, air purifiers, and of course vacuums. Dyson is notoriously expensive, will their products be worth their expense?

The Dyson V8 Absolute is a cordless stick vacuum with powerful suction technology. The lightweight stick design offers versatility with a multitude of brush attachments and stick lengths. Two different floor brushes are included with purchase, one for hard floor and the other for carpet.

The V8 has 40 minutes of battery life without using the motorized brush heads, while only 25 minutes worth of battery life when using the brush heads. A washable HEPA filter is included with purchase. The stick design offers access to high places that could be more difficult to reach with a hose vacuum.

The docking station for charging and brush accessories is mounted on the wall. When finished using the vacuum, simply mount the vacuum onto the docking station for recharging. The V8 also comes with a small motorized brush for tight areas and smaller surfaces. Prices for the Dyson V8 Absolute can range from US$329.00 to US$499.99.

Recharge time is approximately 4 hours. The V8 is outfitted with a trigger on the handle to better manage power use.

Our Thoughts

For costing over US$300, we would hope that the Dyson V8 Absolute could last for more than 25 minutes while using the motorized brush but this is not the case with this model. With a potential price discrepancy of US$170, it makes one question what is the actual worth of this vacuum if it can be discounted by nearly US$200. The price discrepancy is large enough to buy another cordless vacuum!

The Dyson V8 Absolute packs a ton of suction power but if the user isn’t able to vacuum their house in time before the battery runs out then there’s no point. The trigger controlling the suction power is needed to better control the power usage. For the cost, you’d think Dyson would have developed a faster charging system.

The vacuum performs well but the charge time just doesn’t live up to the cost.

  • Cordless
  • Powerful Suction
  • Versatile Attachments
  • Washable Filter
  • Short Battery Life
  • Wildly Varying Prices
  • Expensive

Tineco is a relatively obscure company compared to the rest of the vacuum brands in this guide. Tineco is a Chinese company and was founded in 1998 and is a subsidiary of Ecovacs Robotics. Tineco’s entire storefront for North America is currently on Amazon. Tineco has brought itself to the forefront as Dyson’s main competitor for cordless stick vacuums.

Today we are focusing on the Tineco A10 Hero is a lightweight cordless stick vacuum that is horribly similar to the Dyson V8 Absolute, we will see how these two compare.

The Tineco A10 Hero has a similar battery life of 25 minutes while running the motorized brush, comparable to the Dyson V8 Absolute. The difference is that the Tineco A10 Hero’s battery is easily replaceable, allowing more vacuum time. 2 Batteries are included with purchase.

A smaller motorized brush is included for smaller harder to reach areas. Instead of a wall mount charging station, the Tineco can be charged by cord while sitting in its hub. Simply remove the nozzles and attachments from the main body and place the main body in the hub, then attach the power cord to the Tineco. All attachments fit nicely on the hub.

A washable HEPA filter is included with purchase. The Tineco A10 Hero is also outfitted with a trigger on the handle, effectively controlling the power usage. The price of the Tineco A10 Hero ranges from US$155.00 to US$200.00, not nearly as large of a discrepancy the Dyson V8 Absolute has.

Our Thoughts

For the price of US$155.00, the Tineco A10 Hero is an absolute steal and a price of US$200.00 wouldn’t make this vacuum overpriced. It is hard to argue with 2 batteries and a 2-year warranty included with purchase.

The Tineco A10 Hero holds steadfast against its competition delivering the same qualities of a Dyson for a far lower price. The easily detachable and replaceable batteries are a must due to the degradation of lithium batteries over time.

The Tineco A10 Hero is definitely one of the best cordless vacuums you can get for the maximum price of US$200.00. A 25-minute runtime isn’t better than the competition, however, 2 batteries included with purchase makes up for the 25-minute runtime.

  • Relatively Inexpensive
  • 2 Batteries Included with Purchase
  • Washable Filter
  • Short Battery Life
  • Varying prices

Most households in the United States own a vacuum, whether or not each one of those households needs a vacuum is up for debate. Before vacuums, people managed without them but the time spent on cleaning was far more cumbersome than it is now.

Vacuums are a tool made to make life easier, if you don’t have one then they’ll definitely help in that endeavor. Since you’re reading this then you probably appreciate a clean home and are looking for the best vacuum to buy in 2019 and we’ve got that answer for you.

The Best Upright Vacuum

Costing less than many of its competitors while managing to do more, the BLACK+DECKER HCUA525JP wins this buyer’s guide as the best upright vacuum of 2019.

Costing US$174.05 to US$229.99 this vacuum isn’t cheap but you get more than what you pay for compared to many other vacuum models. With a charge time of 1 hour, detachable canister, dust compactor, touch-sensitive controls, and AUTOSENSE technology makes this vacuum an excellent choice.

Remember, no vacuum is created perfectly and no matter how powerful the front brush of a vacuum is, it will always get hair stuck in the bristles. So treat your vacuums with love and care!