Robotic All Floor Vacuum Systems – Do We Need Them?

Today’s Robotic All Floor Vacuum Systems/Robotic Vacuum Cleaners are more advanced from the first models.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, several companies developed robotic vacuum cleaners. These machines move autonomously, usually in a mostly random pattern across a floor, collecting surface dust and debris into a dustbin.

They usually can navigate around furniture and come back to a docking station to charge their batteries, and a few are able to empty their dust containers into the dock as well.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed for home use, although there are more capable models for operation in offices, hotels, hospitals etc. Most models are equipped with motorized brushes that sweep debris from the floor into a collection bin.

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There are those of us who clean once a week, and there are those of us who clean when the in-laws come to visit.

Today’s robotic vacuums are more advanced from the first models that you had to track down, stranded somewhere in your house.

 The latest products clean your house, remember the layout to increase efficiency, dump their own dirt in a receptacle and find their way back to the charging station so they can recharge.


Most manufacturers will tell you that a robotic vacuum is meant to supplement a standard, human-pushed vacuum cleaner, not replace it.

They’re meant to perform daily or weekly touch-ups to keep your home cleaner in between regular vacuuming cycles. Still, if you’re someone who never vacuums in the first place, a little robotic helper can certainly get your floor cleaner than it is right now, and you hardly have to lift a finger.

Robot vacuum cleaners have been leading the industry as domestic helpers for several years now, with huge improvements in functionality, performance and new state of the art features. Simply schedule your robot vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet while you’re sleeping and when you get up the next morning your carpets are clean and expertly done.

Advancements in robotic vacuum technology have made impressive changes in our ability to use small robots to sweep, vacuum and clean our floors with the touch of a button.

Most robotic vacuum cleaners are designed for home use, although there are more capable models for operation in offices, hotels, hospitals etc.

Imagine how nice it would be to collect dust, dirt, and pet hair from everywhere in the room, easily navigating around and under furniture, along baseboards, wall edges, pets or clutter.

Removing allergens from the air and providing a cleaner home for you and your family is a lot easier with one of these little robots as long as you buy the right one.

Not all vacuum cleaners are the same, and robotic vacuum cleaners are no exception.

If you’re lost when it comes to knowing a good robot vacuum from a bad one, you’re in the right place.

Robotic Vacuum Systems Basics

Robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to collect dirt and debris completely on auto-pilot without any human intervention. These devices operate on rechargeable batteries and are square or round in shape and surprisingly small for what they do.

Although you’ll still need a regular vacuum cleaner for stairs and occasional deep-cleaning, robot vacuums are fully capable of cleaning under furniture, wall edges and corners. Today’s models have the ability to navigate around people, pets, and random clutter. They can be programmed to avoid drop offs, won’t get tangled in electric cords, and can even be taught to stop at an invisible boundary that you define.

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But that’s not all.Today’s robotic vacuum cleaners are able to self dock and recharge themselves before heading back out to clean at whatever time interval you’d like.

Room to room navigation is no problem for some models, and the advanced touch-pad controls make it easy to set up and operate while notifying you when the holding bag is full.

However, for those of us who suffer from allergies these little helpers are worth their weight in gold.

By vacuuming and cleaning around the clock airborne pollutants are dramatically reduced making a big difference in the quality of life for anyone with severe allergy problems.

Automatically Cleans Floors Of Dirt, Dust And Pet Hair

Who would’ve thought that automating household chores would be so affordable and simple to use. Not only will your new robotic helper expertly vacuum your carpets, it will scan the room first and intelligently identify obstacles, stairs, drop-offs, furniture or anything else (like kids or pets) as it creates its own map of the room before going to work.

Add in the pre-programmed virtual walls set by pushing a few buttons and your loyal robot will happily go from room to room cleaning your floors. But that’s not all your little robot can do.

Depending on the model you buy, it will send the debris through a specially designed HEPA air filter as it cleans, leaving the air behind it fresh and dust free.

It will effortlessly clean all those hard to reach spots as it goes under your bed and other furniture in the room. Using its rotating sweeper brush it gets in the corners and along the edge of the wall too.

Your new robot vacuum cleaner will follow any schedule you’d like, seven days a week, night or day… and when it finishes it will return to its home base where it will recharge itself automatically before its next scheduled session. Of course not every model will have all of these features.

Having a robotic helper can certainly make your life a lot easier while creating a cleaner, allergen free environment for you and your children.

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